Pioneering AI and Blockchain Innovation

Welcome to a new chapter in the story of GRHI, now powered by our subsidiary, LOOT8!

A Journey of Innovation

Throughout 2022 and 2023, LOOT8 embarked on a journey to revolutionize the digital asset space. Collaborating with AI experts from NeuralMetrics and other key partners, including an emerging alliance with Novo Associates, LOOT8 has reached an important moment as a subsidiary of GRHI.

The Synergy of LOOT8 and GRHI

Our new wholly owned subsidiary is more than a business decision; it's a strategic move to leverage the power of blockchain technology. The industry, over $1.5 trillion in size, is reshaping sectors from finance to healthcare. LOOT8 is expanding its use in property and content management, focusing on digital assets, collectibles, and memorabilia. By integrating AI-powered digital assets and technologies, we're tapping into a nascent market still in the early stages of innovation.

An integral aspect of this synergy is the transparency offered by public markets. This transparency is not just crucial to the operational ethos of LOOT8 and GRHI; it is a principle deeply valued and upheld by the founders of LOOT8. The founders recognize the importance of operating in a transparent, accountable manner, which aligns with the expectations and standards of public markets. This commitment to transparency underpins our strategy and operations, reinforcing trust and integrity in our dealings with all stakeholders.

A Leader in the SocialFi Revolution

"By partnering with entities like Perpetual Sports and IP FAMBA, LOOT8 is a leader in the SocialFi revolution, offering exclusive, personal connections through advanced technology." - Marcus Daley, CEO

LOOT8 is not only a leader in the SocialFi revolution and the “relationship economy”, but is also focused on the underserved NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) space, enabling fans and students to participate in NIL funding. This approach gives athletes ownership over their own NIL funding, effectively circumventing the broken contracts and confusion currently plaguing the NIL space. Our blend of blockchain and AI technology helps athletes, artists, creators and brands to own their memorabilia and establish direct communication channels with their fans (D2C), ensuring ongoing, personalized interactions.

As our technology continues to evolve, we are also exploring Direct-to-Business (D2B) relationships. D2B has the potential to leverage our technology to foster deeper, more meaningful connections between businesses and their stakeholders, further broadening the horizon of SocialFi and its applications.

Expanding Revenue Model: Royalties and Blockchain Monetization

Our revenue model at LOOT8 is designed around the concept of royalties, earned whenever digital assets are bought and sold. This model ensures that creators benefit from their work, fostering a sustainable ecosystem. Additionally, LOOT8 introduces monetization methods inherent to blockchain technology. These methods may offer some protection for super fans, particularly vital when dealing with memorabilia and digital relationships with early-career athletes. This approach to monetization not only aligns with the creators' interests but hopes to safeguard the investments of fans, facilitating a fair and transparent digital asset market.

Important Note:It is crucial to clarify that LOOT8's business model is not based on a cryptocurrency model. Our operations leverage US dollars for all underlying solutions, with cryptocurrency being utilized solely for virtual payment purposes. This approach maintains the traditional financialization model, enhancing transparency and keeping these aspects familiar to our users and stakeholders. As LOOT8 expands internationally, we may explore additional methods that match regulatory guidance, but the foundational principle of transparency and familiarity in financial transactions remains a cornerstone of our business model.

Evolving Relationships: The Strategic Link Between LOOT8 and NeuralMetrics

In the strategic relationship between LOOT8 and NeuralMetrics, a focus is placed on evolving AI capabilities. The AI developed with NeuralMetrics and currently unannounced AI partners potentially enables people to have relationships with digital twins of individuals and businesses that evolve over time. This technology is focused on portable, fully encrypted AI experiences that preserve privacy while enabling digital relationships. This approach enhances the user experience and safeguards security and privacy, pivotal in today's digital age.

What Lies Ahead: A Future with AI and Blockchain

"Stay tuned for regular CEO Memos that will dive into the journey of GRHI and LOOT8, as we explore the potential of AI and blockchain experiences for creators." - Marcus Daley, CEO

Expect regular updates on the evolution of GRHI and LOOT8, especially as we dive deeper into personalized AI integration and expanding engagements with NIL athletes. These updates will keep our communications relevant to LOOT8 and GRHI for the foreseeable future!


Marcus Daley, CEO